Tank Abbott Is Going To Fight Someone Even Older Than He Is

On March 20, UR Fight is coming to iPPV, and thanks to some creative promoters, we’re looking at an event that could be one of the freakiest freakshows in combat sports history. First off, there’s a QUADRUPLE main event. That’s so incredible it actually changes what main event means. The card is so stacked that it throws traditional fight card structure out the friggin’ window.

The first main event is the Roy Jones Jr. fight, in which he’ll take on any challenger in a boxing match. If the man off the street (5-3 MMA fighter Vyron Phillips) beats Roy, he’ll take home a cool $100,000. The second main event is Rey Mysterio versus Kurt Angle in a pro wrestling match, and the third main event is Chael Sonnen facing Michael Bisping in a grappling match. Yes, somehow Michael Bisping is taking part in an athletic event despite being medically suspended after getting partially KO’d against Anderson Silva on February 27. Dude’s supposed to have no physical contact for a month.

So, about that fourth main event. It was supposed to be Ken Shamrock versus Dan Severn in a trilogy fight, but Shamrock has dropped out of the bout since losing to Royce Gracie at Bellator 149, so in steps another mid-’90s MMA demigod, Tank Abbott. The brawler from Huntington Beach, California hasn’t fought since April of 2013, when he saw the second round for the first time in his 20-year career in a losing effort against Ruben Villareal. Severn hasn’t fought since April of 2012, when he notched his 101st (!!!) win over Alex Rozman.

Abbott is 50 years old, Dan Severn is 57, so this is the first relatively “high-profile” MMA fight that will have a combined age over 100 years old.

It seems like a good time for $11.99.

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