UFC Investigating Potential Threat on Twitter Towards Conor McGregor

During a heated UFC 196 press conference on Wednesday, Conor McGregor may have crossed the line when he made some questionable, possibly racist comments about Nate Diaz.    

“I honestly like Nick’s little brother,” McGregor said. “How can you not like him? He’s like a little cholo from the hood. But at the same time, he coaches kid’s jiu jitsu on a Sunday morning and goes on bike rides with the elderly. He makes gang signs with the right hand and balloon animals with the left hand.”

While Diaz seemed to be shrug off The Notorious’ remarks, one individual went on Twitter to not so subtly threaten the UFC featherweight champion.

These tweets were brought to the attention of the UFC by @ZProphet_MMA. The UFC’s security team is looking into the matter while McGregor’s security team has been notified of the threat. The account which made these threats has been removed and the FBI is also investigating this situation.

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